Hello, my name is molly munro.
tech addict | music lover | travel nut

Where am I now?
Edinburgh! I'm at the end of my Masters in Design and Digital Media at the University of Edinburgh. 
In June 2021 I graduated from the University of Portsmouth with First Class Honours in BSc Digital Media. I loved what I studied and feel as if I have finally found my passion. Going to university was a big leap for me, moving away from my family and friends and it was a big change in culture too. Currently "home" is in France, before that it was Dubai and Hong Kong. I’ve experienced a lot of different cultures and seen the different way people work and integrate into society. This has helped in my studies as well as helped me to get out into the real world!
My plan was to meet as many different people as possible and to try not to turn down interesting opportunities that came my way because I knew that, for me, that was the only way I would progress.
And I’ve done just that! So even though at the moment some of the work you will see on my portfolio is just from my projects at university, it doesn’t mean I’m not constantly experimenting and creating at home for myself or even for my friends. Most recently, I worked for the university to create a prototype for a intergenerational literacy program app using Unreal Engine.
I’m hardworking, positive and will always do my best.
My passions and Interests include:

> Working with others to create something  amazing.

> Spending time with my family and pets.

> Photographing the world around me.
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