Dynamics, Melody and Rhythm: A Preliminary Assessment of Direct User Control on the Music-Haptic Experience
Multiple Music-Haptic Wearables (MHW) and prototypes have been created and tested; however, there is a gap in the research of how user control can be introduced into the music-haptic experience. This project aimed to analyse the user’s reaction and interaction with a vibrotactile experience when they are given control over the elements of Rhythm, Melody and Dynamics, to alter the music-driven vibrational generation and subsequently, the vibrotactile output. Multiple preliminary studies, including a user study, were conducted. Quantitative, qualitative and behavioural data was collected in order to determine the effect of direct user control on the overall experience. Behavioural statistical analysis with SPSS was used to analyse the results. It was found that there is a positive reason to include informed direct user control as it enhances the experience. It is concluded that, based on these findings, the user’s ability to easily understand and personalise the control type delivers an optimum experience. This could result in a MHW to be used in an everyday setting.
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