University Coursework, MSc
Design for Interactive Media
The Meadowlark Tritium museum has recently acquired a collection of steam and diesel age chests and boxes (CABs) that were recovered by mudlarkers and subaquatic salvage teams. The CABs contain a range of objects and artefacts, and the museum has obtained a variety of supporting contextual material such as photos and other media.
The custodians of the collection want the CABs, their contents and supporting media to be digitised and/or digitally recreated for curation, combination, presentation and interpretation in an interactive exhibit at the museum.
The exhibit should include an interactive user interface to the digitised and digitally recreated CABs, contents and supporting media that invites curiosity and creativity and offers opportunities for users to explore and speculate on the form, material characteristics, history/provenance and use-context of the CABs and their contents.

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