Project Type
University Coursework, Master's
Game Design Studio
The Brief
Develop the interpretations of the selected scenario as navigable and interactive Unity environments that take the basic form of a walking simulator. Encourage intuitive exploration and depth of engagement through narrative devices and gamelike mechanics.
This submission is designed to challenge your skills in interpretation, and is a test for your structural design skills too; how will you make a compelling shape from seemingly disparate, disconnected and off-hand descriptions that will work as discrete episodes but also as part of a larger whole. Careful time management and planning are essential. We’d like you to make a rich and multilayered experience. 
You should develop scenario design(s) using appropriate tools (Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D, Visual Studio, etc.) and place them in a Unity scene. The experience should be engaging and deep. You may choose to focus on working with code, and on developing skills in structured interactions.

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