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Project Type: 
University Coursework, SECOND YEAR
Mobile Application Development
The Brief:

Publish a design for the mobile application based on any theme related to your area of interest. This module will provide a comprehensive overview of the designing process and programming fundamentals in order to create a fully working mobile applications prototype.​​​​​​​
Skills acquired:
Generate mobile application ideas based upon original analysis of current mobile application development trends.
Apply and demonstrate design and programming skills to implement a working prototype of any type of mobile application.
Engage in critical reflection and evaluate the success of their project against the stated aims.
For this project, I was given the option to work in a group or by myself. I chose to work with a fellow coursemate as we had worked together well on projects in the first year.
Getting started:
While considering the theme on which to base the design, my teammate mentioned that the international department of the university was thinking about creating an application for new international students. Being an international kid myself, and because my teammate works closely with the international department, we decided to go for it! The benefits of having an actual client for this project meant that the content did not have to be made up.
We also decided to make it a progressive web app, responsive on both web and mobile. We also took into consideration where the users were coming from and what software the majority of them used.
We were able to have meetings with the International Student Advisor as well as the Head of Marketing.
Using the iPad Pro, we sketched out initial designs.​​​​​​​

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